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Check it out!

As I've mentioned before, today is the day when I post a big fat "Thank You" to all the people who so generously donated to SA's Server / Anti-Express.com fund. I really appreciate it, and know SA wouldn't be where it is today without the support of you readers (and everybody else who loads this page up). With the possible exception of the people who spam guestbooks with "FUK U FUKER I HOPE U DIE U STUPED MORON JEFF K RULZ", I'd have to say SA's got the (tearing up) greatest readers (sniff sniff) on the planet (bawling my eyes out). Without further ado, the list!


Gamersangst.com, Pantaloons, Zach Dykstra, Bhuan Agrawal, Josh Kirkpatrick, Scott Havens, Nicholas Holifield, Eric Driggs, Tetsuji Gotanda, brian bander, David Eaton, Joseph Grzesiak, John Boritza, Michael Andres-Larsen, Jared Ballou, James Bryant, george galuschak, Jim Marlowe, Andrew Gaskell, Brent Booker, Acy Stapp, Michael Chaddock, Avi W Roig, Richard Henderson, Kris Korpenfelt, Matthew Clark, Mike Leeder, Zach Dill, Randy Froc, David Flor, James O'Brien, Kanakatti Subramanya, Nathan Prentice, Steve Paulo, Lyn Landon, Barb Strand, Philip Gross, Sean Robertson, Tim Guire, Anthony Agee, Mark Hall, Scott Crain, Colin Erven, Pat Neville, Michael Lasky, Jonathon Pile, Alexander Stein, Chris Connolly, Michelle Winters, William Cadrin, michael turner, James Dezendorf, Matthew Evans, Thomas Poynor, Erik Rainey, Joshua Mintzer, Matthew Bastek, Nicholas York, John W. Graham, James Kolpack, Anthony Youhas, Tom Heady, Tim Faulkner-Rayner, Peter Feld, Zach Baker, Tommy Brake, samuel finley, Jeremy Truelove, Don Arnold, Donald Strand, Michael Battaglia, Lantz Roe, Ben Ruset.


Brendan Flynn, Ian Menzies, Brandon Fenning, Brian Foster, Steve Allen, Robb Sherwin, Joseph Sola, Brian Emmons, B.R. Martin, Rob Dowers, Mike Bolei, Johnathon Clune, d Page, Jeff Ungurean, Jonathan Simcina, Timothy Brumgard, Kyle Howard, Brent McNabb, Eugene Tsuprun, Bill Tice, Derek Peak, Thomas J. Burke, Jaret Deprin, Michael Jorgenson, Lea Thompson, Albert Scheuring, Allan Landmesser, Wade Bowman, Gabe Kruger, Scott Morgan, Troy Nelson, Nick Goodman, Ralph Hart, Michael Merrell, Joseph Berceli-Wain, Chris Andrews, Mark Beihoffer, Ian Dundore, Jeremy Hutchinson, Paul Novarese, Corey Weider, Michael Brent, John Fulmer, Matthew Chase, Jordan Grace, Lucas Crispen, Dillon Bussert, Geek Computers, Bernard Ziegler, Aaron Shoal, Michael Pusateri, Michael Giambalvo, Zaki Ullah, John A. Shoemaker, Scott Ames, Courtney Evans, Mike McNally, Cameron Dixon, Joshua Shagam, Kawika Uechi, David Russell, Brien Dieterle, Enoch Ceshkovsky, Beau Harrington, Andrew Magnusson, Ryan Grove, Ryan Gielow, Jonas Acres, Micah Cranman, Eugene Abovsky, Jamie Tatum, Louis Maccarone, James Beane, Joshua Penix, Tristan Smith, Dieter Dehlinger, James Wuerch, Todd Ostermeier, Kevin Brown, Patrick Plaisance, Beth Carter, dan dobbs, Seth Mayne, Josh Rodgers, J.W. Jones, G Milene, Dan Dickinson, Mark Radtke, Jason Parks, Billy Transue, Matthew Gallant, Aaron Powell, Steve Johnson, Edward Helbling, Ivan Manida, Lee Greco, Jeff Sandler, Micah Hawkinson, Matthew Boes, Peter Larkin.

Once I reach my life's goal of finding a cure for lichen planus, you folks will be the first ones to get the antidote.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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