Snarky forum posters would have you believe that The Walking Dead is a wholly joyless, irredeemable series. It's not. That would be Fear The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is more of a peaks-and-valleys experience, with peculiarly barren valleys that endlessly circle the same ground. The following lines can be found in just about any filler episode. They aren't attributed to particular characters because when the show is at its worst every character is basically the same.

"That was out there, what we were. Now it's in here, and what we can be. Don't you see? I just... when it happened... and you... that's why I have to do this. Why we have to do all of this."

"This was us. Now it's me. And you're it, all of it. (Pointing at the ground passionately) That's what this is all about!"

"No! We can't kill these people! What will we become? If we do it what are we holding on to?"

(The same character, ten minutes later) "Get out of my way! Let me kill these people! You don't understand what has to be done! We have to kill to survive! Think about it!"

"That was back then. The before. Now it's what I lost, then. And it's inside us, all of us. We can't. We have to."

"I have to go. If I stay then I'll lose everything again. I need to go and lose everything again. This is goodbye. Don't tell the others I'm sneaking out. It's for the best. Please don't come and find me in three episodes."

"No! Don't abandon the plan and go out there! Fine, but I'm coming with you."

"After all we've been through, this place could be home. We just have to trust these new people. Like the before. That's what humanity is. That's what we're fighting for."

(Obviously thinking about something they need to talk about) "I ain't talkin'. There's nothing to talk about."

"We've been out there too long. We're too wild. We need to stay here and build something lasting. Build something real."

"We've been in here too long. We're too soft. We need to get out there and face the walkers. That's what reality is now."

"Don't you get it? What we have to understand is it's them or us. It can't be all of us, or one. It's got to be us, or they become it. Then we lose what makes us we."

"We need to talk. Before, it was out there and we all were. That... (shaking) that was what it was. Sometimes it was so much I felt like I'd fall apart. Like it was all that there was. But now I know that what we are.... what we all are, is what's fighting for. And I'll go in there again and it won't change that it happened. It will always be with us and it's happening all around us, and in here (points to heart) in all of heres (points to everyone's hearts)"

(In the woods killing zombies by himself/herself, crying because the act is really about a sad thing they can't process) "RRRRRAAAH!"

"Now I know. What's in here, and what we find out there... it's all, and I can't. But together we can."

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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