Welcome to the revival of one of our more disturbing themes, Animal Anomalies. This week we feature a wide assortment of horrifying creatures forged from the fires of hell. Well, actually the Something Awful Forums, but close enough. The goons made a whole bunch of hideous hybrid creatures, guaranteed to either make you chuckle or squirm and maybe both.

A.C.A.M. got things going with this delicious looking image.

Unkempt speaks from the heart with this one.

I'd no sooner believe this was the work of A.C.A.M. than that of a rogue magician.

As luck and good fortune would have it, wayfinder is the progenitor of this fine specimen.

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Photoshop Phriday showcases the tremendous image manipulation talents of the Something Awful Forum Goons. Each week they tackle a new theme, parodying movies, video games, comics, history, and anything else you can think of. If you want in on the action, join us on the Something Awful Forums!

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