BMan knows what's really scary- getting stuff out of your basement! OoooOooOooh the classics...

SplitSoul has written many fine books from prison.

jazzyhattrick's image is available as a 150 hour audiobook you'll be angry you bought!

Bregor has a lot more patience than me, that's for sure.

BovineFury orchestrated this image's coming through centuries of weird sex magic and less interesting stories by someone else.

The Bloop also read Dune... what is it with Goons and books that are like a zillion pages?

You didn't think we'd get away without a reference to this thing, did you? Zamboni Rodeo didn't. But I ain't linking to shit.

Photoshop Phriday doesn't have a winner but if it did this month it'd be Captain Quack.

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