In case you forgot what today's subject imagery obviously alludes to, CJacobs is here to bring us home again.

Why, forums user lllllllllllllllllll doesn't seem that fond of capitalism either! Huh!

Why, forums user GhostDog doesn't seem that fond of capitalism either! Huh!

Why, forums user spathi-wa doesn't seem that fond of... actually I have no idea, I'm a dumb monolingual American. Hm...

Too bad The Bloop made this joke all the way back in the summer and it's no longer timely, huh?

Finally! Ramc, who is not a pinko commie red, justifies this feature's fair and balanced reputation.

Ruffian Price sees politics for what they are- a cheesy infographic.

Ralepozozaxe is just too fun to say no to.
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