Not content to rest on his successful thread, caricature artist Doctor Dogballs just kept fielding requests from the SA Goons. His persistence paid off when a perfect opportunity presented itself. So please enjoy his masterpiece "Prime Minister Serenades Miss Piggy," plus 15 other portraits!


David Cameron cuddling with a pig in a friendly, non-sexual way, please. Oh, and the pig should look slightly embarassed about the public display of affection.


If you do David Cameron with a pig I will retweet it to my local MP.

Doctor Dogballs


Our Queen in an Unspeakable Rite with a Corgi

Doctor Dogballs


Sam Waterston having a beer with the ghost of Jerry Orbach, but instead of it being cool it's super awkward and neither of them want to be there.

Doctor Dogballs


Chris Walken pulling a sick move on the dancefloor.

Doctor Dogballs

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