Recently, Something Awful has cracked down on puns to some degree, but only unfunny, low-effort stupid ones. Like, say someone shares a link to some modern-day Pompeii incident where thousands succumb to arson fires set by pillaging vikings (I can't fact-check my vague recollection that this is what happened in Pompeii, thanks a lot SOPA/PIPA). If someone responds "sounds like a hot time in the old town tonight!," that person deserves scorn and punishment! Whereas if someone painstakingly creates an animated GIF that makes amusing light of those fiery deaths, using an otherwise risible pun in the process, that's to be applauded and encouraged! In this case, the SA Goons didn't need to find the bright side of a tragedy: They simply converted celebrity surnames into literal interpretations, like this Phriday, except djwetmouse limited the output to animals. You can groan at the wordplay while still appreciating the images! Or, actually, you can't! This is a groan-free zone!


(Betty Whitefish)


(President Barockfish Obama)


(Tina Tuna)

Napoleon Blownapart

(Seal-o Green)


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