MAGNUM FORCE is quite the feminist.

The people on our forums sure have a healthy attitude about women. xcalibanx is no exception.

Creeper thinks violence against women is hilarious. Can't say I disagree.

bakahams7er made this one, so give it up for him. Hey, give it up for Charles Biro while you're at it.

Creeper continues his one man crusade of misogyny. Look out ladies, he's going to break your heart with his fists.

TO BE CONCLUDED! I hope you enjoyed this fun jaunt into the world of comic books. Big thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons for providing us with pictures of the funny variety. Come back next week when we do one last round (for the time being) of comic books. We've got more horror, more suspense, more romance, more super heroes, and more insanity to come!

Oh, and I might be thinking awfully queer here, but I reckon you're probably the kind of person who likes Photoshopped images. If that's the case, why not give our new friends at a visit? They've got a lot of fun Photoshop contests going on daily, which means plenty of wacky images for you to look at. You can even win money by participating, allowing you to pick up a vice and not dent your wallet. It's also got that political edge, so you can make up for the fact you never bother to vote in elections by doing the next best thing. GOOO! GOOOO! I COMMEND YOU TO GO!!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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