Best Buds (1998)

Directed by:
Matt Clokey

Writing credits:
Matt Clokey

Genre: Comedy / Action / Spanish Ghost / Breast Adventure (more)

Tagline: An epic quest for the stickiest ickiest.

Plot Outline: Two stoners embark on adventure through Southern California's drug culture to find the lost "bud acres" of Pancho Villa. Along the way they encounter a wacky cast of(more) (view trailer)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 4.1 / 10 (1244 votes)

redited cast:
Bruce Conrad....Dookie Dank
Jamie Fornet....Jamie Kind
Rose McGowan....Jenny Sensimilla
Jim Breuer....Chet Dank
Cameron Diaz....Heather Blaze
Jason Lee....The Schwag Merchant
Jack Palance....Hootie Bowls
Danny Trejo....Ghost of Pancho Villa
Michael Rooker....FBI Agent Harsher

Also Known As:
Scheißehammer: Blut und Krieg (Germany)
El Roboto Sexo de Pancho Villa (Mexico)


USA: 91 min
Owl Creek Bridge: 65,840 min

Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Clokeytone
Sound Mix: Whoop! Whoop! I'm A Sound!

AMDB Trivia:

  • Newcomers Bruce Conrad and Jamie Fornet were cast based entirely on their ability to escape from a chimney. Conrad could work his way out of the narrowest chimneys amd Fornet became confused and trapped even inside industrial smoke stacks. Director Matt Clokey considered this dichotomy central to the characters of Dank and Kind.
  • Clokey famously began each day on the set by calling the cast and crew together and then strangling a live chicken to death. When the chicken stopped twitching Clokey would throw it on the floor and say "this is real, this is life, this is cinema". The only time he broke this tradition was during two days of shooting on a log flume ride for the Hootie Bowls chase scene. Interestingly, this is considered by far the worst scene of the movie.
  • Many people mistakenly believe that director Matt Clokey is Gumby creator Art Clokey's son. He is actually his clone.
  • Early drafts of the screenplay went by the working title Ultimate Visionquest and revolved around Native American characters and themes. These vanished from later drafts after Clokey learned the last wild Native American became extinct in 1978. A few survive in captivity and attempts have been made to breed them with Eskimos, with limited success.
  • Several of Matt Clokey's genes have been replaced with those of a jellyfish, making him bioluminescent and capable of delivering a painful (but harmless) sting on contact.
  • Actor Jason Lee was initially reluctant to appear in this film for fear that he would be typecast as a weed-smoking slacker. Then he was given a dollar.
  • The Kerliken Protobong is a replica of a real device developed by Nikola Tesla and kept in a museum in Moscow. It was originally intended as a means for the Tsar to exterminate Cossacks, but its unintended side-effects made it a favorite of Rasputin.
  • Director Cameo: [Matt Clokey] Visible for several seconds during the brownie eating contest and then again as one of the sailors in the execution scene.
  • "The Weedies" were based on real midgets that live in a weed field in Colorado, although the real Weedies have fewer magical powers.
  • Director's Trademark: Cartoon weed leaves popping over a character's eyes at the sight of a large quantity of marijuana.
  • All of the driving scenes were filmed inside a wind tunnel at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • The boomerang that hits Jack Palance in the nose was not thrown by a real Australian.
  • Rose McGowan was dating musician Marilyn Manson at the time of filming and frequently arrived on set with clown makeup on her face and body.
  • Despite public denials, Cameron Diaz really did shit in the bag during the sack lunch scene.
  • A work print with an additional 28 minutes of footage was recovered from a time capsule buried in 1904 beneath a bank in San Diego. Few have seen the additional footage as it has been deemed "unspeakable" and "vile to the point of morbidity" by Dozer from the Drive Time Disaster Zone on San Diego's 103.4 KLUK, The Cluck.
  • During the filming of Don Juan de Nerds, Michael Rooker had a handlebar mustache tattooed above his upper lip. Clokey flew into a rage at Rooker when he arrived on set for the first day of shooting and forced Rooker to cut the tattoo off his face with a steak knife.
  • Director's Trademark: A dog eating marijuana-laced brownies left unattended and then hiding when the mail man comes to the door.
Memorable Quotes:
Dookie Dank: I can't wait to get high.
Jamie Kind: Uh-oh
Dookie Dank: What?
Jamie Kind: Looks like you're gonna have to wait. (holds open empty bag) Boners!

Dookie Dank: Those damn Weedies!

Jamie Kind: Is this a treasure map?
Dookie Dank: Wait, I can't see, turn the light on.
(Jamie Kind pulls a candelabra, opening a secret door and summoning the ghost)
Ghost of Pancho Villa: Whoooo dares disturb my slumber?
Jamie Kind: G-g-g-ghost!

Dookie Dank: Holy boners! He's made out of weed smoke!

Chet Dank: Hey bonerfaces!
Jamie Kind: Hey, Chet.
Dookie Dank: God Chet, don't you have somewhere else to be, we've got this ghost mystery to unravel.
Chet Dank: Uhhh, okay bromos, you gay yourself back to that, me and your girl will trade spit in the bedroom!

Jenny Sensimilla: Hey! Get your hands off of me!
Dookie Dank: That's it! I am so mad! Chet I will kick you in the face if you don't back off!

FBI Agent Harsher: Don't worry. We'll be waiting for them at the smoke festival. They'll never get out.
Hootie Bowls: Good. I'll give you everything you need to put those juvenile delinquents away for life and you get me the location of the lost bud acres of Pancho Villa.
FBI Agent Harsher: I still don't think they're real.
Hootie Bowls: Oh they're real. If they're not real my name isn't Hootie Bowls.

(Heather Blaze is wearing a bikini and watering her weed car.)
Dookie Dank: Ho-lee boners! Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
(Jamie lowers his shades on his nose)
Jamie Kind: Motherboner, that is the hottest babe I have ever seen. Do you think she likes weed?
Dookie Dank: Bro, I think she likes weed (points to weed car).
Jamie Kind: Dude. Dude! I'm gonna marry her.

Hootie Bowls: Nooo! You don't understand! This is their weed!
Cop: Tell it to the judge.

Jamie Kind: Bro, it hurts to see that weed going to waste.
Dookie Dank: It is so worth it. We have a thousand boners full of Pancho Villa's finest weed just waiting for us.
(Heather Blaze and Jenny Sensimilla stick their heads out of the hotel room)
Jenny Sensimilla: Boys, I think you have something else you promised to take care of first!
Heather Blaze: I want an orgasm.
Jamie Kind: Oh my boners! We are so gonna score!

  • Factual errors: Marijuana does not give you the power to see through a woman's clothing.
  • Factual errors: Marijuana cannot be grown using "steroid hydroponics" to make you superhumanly strong.
  • Factual errors: Marijuana does not allow you to start a car with your mind.
  • Factual errors: Marijuana does not allow you to physically enter a videogame and return as a giant with the ability to throw fireballs.
  • Factual errors: Marijuana has never been linked to "incredible boner erectness".
  • Factual errors: Marijuana was not dehydrated and used by NASA to allow astronauts to survive in space.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: It is possible, although unlikely, for marijuana to make a woman's clothing explode off of her body as if it has been hit by a gale-force wind.
  • Factual errors: Black people do not like Newports because they are "packed full of THC".
  • Continuity: When Dookie Dank pees in the pool after drinking the food coloring the blue cloud jumps around in size.
  • Audio/visual unsynchronized: Jenny clearly says "I love boners" but the audio track is nothing but the buzzing of bees. This continues for several minutes, although there is no other dialogue during this time.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When reading the legend of Pancho Villa and his lost acres, Jamie refers to Villa fighting the Aztecs. Jamie says in an earlier scene that he cannot read Spanish, so it is possible he is making up the entire legend.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: You can break a boner with a karate kick and it is possible that it would make a sound similar to a cracking bone.
  • Anachronisms: Blue Rio was not in season in the Summer of 1997. That year's crop of Blue Rio was wiped out by a DEA spray and most SoCal dealers were selling the vastly inferior Buzzy Mohica or Slippery Sally. You could get some hydro Blue Rio, but they plainly refer to the Blue Rio they buy at the Circle K as "way dank and sweet from the earth".
  • Continuity: When Hootie Bowls is counting his cock pushups he gets to 15 and when it cuts back he is on 11 again.

User Comments:

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Holy Boners! It's Out On DBD! 4 March 2005


Author: 420_Thousand

this is NBY FAR the funniest weed move of all time. When Jamie gets stuck in the revolving door and has to smoke his way out LMAO every time they yell BONERS! it's the best I also think this movie doesn't get neough credit for plot or special effects either. That ghost is spooky and hilarious too! It's pretty mucht he single movie that legatiamized pot smoking movies. Without this there would be no other pot movies after 2000. Vote yes on Issue 15! Or should I say VOTE BONRES!

Check for other user comments.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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