Welcome lecherous readers to another Photoshop Phriday! This week we're highlighting a recent attack on Nintendo's latest advertising scheme carried out by our swashbuckling forum goers, the SA goons! "Who Are You?" is more than just some sort of inexplicable foray into existential thinking through video game advertising done by Nintendo, it's also an easy target that we'd be no less than suckers to ignore. Sure it's simple, but than so is the life of a retard. Don't tell me those people aren't always smiling and filled to the brim with a mysterious sense of wonderment!

"Solovon" got this week's antics started with this particular picture:

"substitute" is filling in for somebody I guess.

"Unbelievably Fat Man" still hasn't gone on a diet:

"KaptainMyke" looses arguments with trees:

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