Greetings and welcome to the first edition of an exciting new two part Phriday series. Like all civilized people, we care about the arts. As such, we believe Thomas Kinkade is the finest painter to ever live. In his hundreds of paintings of cottages, lighthouses, and vibrant landscapes, he imbues no less than the human spirit taking a huge crap on an overflowing toilet. Though he refers to himself as the Painter of Light, we know that he is more than that. He is the manifestation of the great Buddha himself, and his brushstrokes are like life lessons we can all learn from. The Something Awful Forum Goons, as wise as they are, knew that there was no way to improve an original Thomas Kinkade masterpiece, so that left them but one option. Please enjoy the first week of Thomas Kinkade's paintings as destroyed by our fine forum goers.

Special thanks go out to Phriday contributor RolandTower for suggesting this theme, as well as providing some fine images. If you're not familiar with Thomas Kinkade or his work, be sure to look him up on the World Wide Internet-machine. He's a fascinating character and quite the opportunist.

RolandTower was kind enough to get us started and provide this week's theme.

apeiron442 pledges allegiance to your mom. BURNED.

Tapir has a lot more patriotism than you do, you filthy communist.

Lukan finds danger outside the White House, as opposed to inside.

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