Here's a fun thing you probably never knew: Jesus loved tiny, yappy dogs. At least, I think that's the point of this Web site. I mean, also buy Pomeranians, definitely, but you should do it for Jesus. Or because you really love 44K MP3s being played over every fucking part of the Web site. God dammit.

Anyway, Pombreden's Pomeranians introduces us to a crazy mom who really likes small, irritating dogs that apparently make her a lot of money. It's quite a treasure trove, which should be obvious from the first second that fucking "pom, pom, get a pom" song starts playing and the Jesus stars start flashing. What I especially like, though, are the names of the dogs. Here's an incomplete list of -- I swear to God -- names these people gave to living things:

  • Barbie's Cuddles
  • Toy Boy
  • O-Ce-an
  • Ty-Nee Tanella
  • Ravishing Raven

And for the real kicker, there's some incredibly personal and awkward shit on the "About Us" page:

We have seen a daughter that was barren for 17 years of marriage. Please check out each of their pages to see the miracles we have seen over the years.

So, of course, there's a link below that goes into even more excruciating detail, and calls their daughter "barren" one more time. Awesome. Be aware, kids: If your mom ever starts getting paid to make small dogs fuck, she's gonna build a Web site detailing each time you wet the bed past age 3. Get ready to learn the true meaning of shame!

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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