I'm pretty sure Artsygrrl isn't Banksy or all those animals ought to have gas-masks on.

Check out this Hogge Wild image of the largest inauguration crowd in history!

They really do have Uber everywhere now, its all nice on rice.

Seriously, its all nice on rice is the only person in this thread to touch on how a frog doesn't need a boat. Why would you put an amphibian in a machine that keeps bodies out of water, it's animal cruelty and you should all be ashamed.

King Lazer takes us for a ride in the world's most romantic sewer!

King Lazer and I are both on the wait-list for Nessie's hot aquayoga class. It fills up quick.

I think King Lazer deserves the Pulitzer for this one.

Bodacious, my dog died im sad! Hang... 39? Wait how did I get an odd number...

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