The Somethingawful forums can be a rough and scary place, but not always! Sometimes it becomes a wonderland of animal buddies on a journey of friendship down a river of Easter cards and Little Golden Books. In December of 2018 just such a trip began...

Forums user hard counter posted this week's starter image in a thread about the #blessed trend. Aww, how cute, it's like he's a widdle brand-conscious kayaker!

Bloody Hedgehog (of course) got the 'shops flowing with this, an image that belongs in the SAclopedia article for "starter image".

Forget the Silver Surfer, SniperWoreConverse has found the Galactic Gondolier!

SniperWoreConverse knows that second responders are important too.

The feed from space-station Xaintrailles shows Hurricane Dimmsdale is building up steam...

Grindcore Meggido is a good phriday-scout who deserves a merit badge for this shit.

That was a close one, A LOVELY LAD. But as long as you don't go back...

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