It is a rather sad fact that the first level of Super Mario Bros. has been visited more times than Mt. Rushmore. Video games offer the most exotic locations imaginable, and yet they somehow lack any sort of tourism industry whatsoever. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons set out to change that by taking the first step in starting a successful tourism industry: creating postcards. Under the guidance of private Internet citizen and fellow goon fork banger, they brought video game worlds to life in perfect, idyllic postcard format. Next stop: souvenirs. Sit back and enjoy, because otherwise we're not going anywhere.

fork banger took a break from stealing shopping carts to get this all started.

-God- is not who he claims to be!!

A Childhood Friend has every episode of Law & Order recorded and stored in a microchip in his brain for easy access.

Science made Alexander the perfect being, but pork made him the perfect fatass.

Aristocrat learned a lot of life lessons making this picture.

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