Reality TV has wedged itself into modern life such that I fear it may never leave us. Every day we are bombarded with zoo-like shows where humans act the part of animals, performing idiotic acts for meager biscuits and attention. We're documenting our own devolution so that the alien astronauts or evolved fish-men of tomorrow know what not to do. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons decided to retroactively destroy the past on a whim by filtering it through the mindset of Reality TV.

spacemountain got things started by making this ol' thing.

I have no idea but god bless you, scruffy.

dirtysoundfx is most famous for the "Wilhelm Fart" and this image.

Kip made this inspiring image. If you like space and machines, you'll probably also like "Transformers," in which Jazz dies.

snortpocket made this picture showcasing the romantic sparks that fly during the physical act of love.

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