This week we ask an important question: what if...zZzZ.... Okay, so it's not an important question. But nonetheless we ask what would happen if you mixed up power supplies. Why? I have no idea, but the Something Awful Forum Goons stepped up to the plate and did some technology remixing, using all the wrong power supplies for all the wrong things. Give us a break, we've done just about everything else.

SomewhatFraudulant, overclocked his computer

The only medicine I accept is HEALING TOUCH. This ||||||||||||||| device looks like Scientology BS.

SomewhatFraudulant, overwhelmed with nausea such that he has never felt before, spewed this ugly thing from his creative maw.

My PIN is 4826 is going to get himself charged with assault and battery!! (I hate myself and to die).

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