History by itself tends to be pretty dull and unremarkable. Oh, sure, we've had revolutions, wars, and all sorts of changes and events. Big deal! Where's the fun in that? There's none, and so I asked the Something Awful Forum Goons to spruce up history, taking a cue from comic books, movies, and video games to create a superior version of history, riddled with amazing technology, awesome costumes, super powers, crime-fighting gadgets, and an edge so sharp it can cut through a line of 50 of the world's most durable watermelons without breaking a sweat.

Hellblazer187 captures a lesser known side of Washington: his steroid abuse.

TheMarsTravolta is still crying over the end of the new Harry Potter book.

Food Boner is the last person I'd want handling my meals.

Lavalamp doesn't consider art to be art unless it involves unicorns or Pegasus.

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