Wordseye is an intriguing website where you can type a sentence, and have that sentence appear as a picture. For example, inputting the sentence "The man is facing the wooden sphere" would create a 3D rendering of a man facing a wooden sphere. Amazing, I know! The site's in beta right now, so not just anyone can use it, but a few lucky SA forum goons managed to finagle invites, and use those invites to bring their cohorts' twisted dreams to life! Seriously, it takes 'till page 2 for someone to try make a cock and balls.


A black cat dances with my wife in front of the gates of hell?



a man, a plan, a canal - panama


I couldn't figure out how to depict a plan, but I got the rest! The man is in a little canoe.


A mouse. The mouse is half ghost. Butt ground. A butt wall surrounds the mouse. Vortex of butts. Butt is flayed. Butt is gangrene.

Windows 98

Yeah "butts" was a hard thing to get this thing to generate.

That Robot

"two robots. two robots stand at the top of the stairs. seven humans. seven humans are crumpled at the bottom of the stairs"


no they will not

The man is inside the huge mylar pyramid.

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