The Hunt Begins

After a night of preparation and prayer, the Buka begin their ambush [url='']into furry territory. [/url]

An intrepid scout spots a pair of defenseless furries from behind a bush.

With deadly speed and silence, the attack begins.

Surrounded and surprised, these furries quickly succumb to the furious onslaught descending upon them.

The furry, so beautiful in life, is even more so in death.

A nimbler fellow manages to escape momentarily, but finds himself distracted by the presence of a portable penis on a plate. Unbeknownst to him, it is a Bukan trap.

He soon pays the greatest price for his poor judgment.

The law of the jungle allows for neither mercy nor reservation. Blood shall be spilled, even on a nice loveseat like this one.

After the fur had settled, the warriors of Buka gathered. It had been a good hunt: the death toll had reached almost [url='']lolocaustic[/url] proportions. Dikeledi was about return to the village when a single scout scampered up and delivered a breathless report. The day's hunt was not yet done. Dikeledi ululated and charged off into the bush. His tribe, ever faithful, followed close behind.

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