Here are a bunch of sex toy reviews BYOB wanted you to see.

Well, it could never be the same as getting a rectal exam. I refuse to believe it!

I coulda used a plastic cooking spoon to masturbate, and indeed I did.

A series of unfortunate events.

Do you ever think those guys in the character suits at Disneyland ever rub one out if they are bored? I mean, those things are pretty bulky so you could probably jerk off and nobody would notice.

Hey screw you kid. Landmine sucks!


God I love rap album reviews. I could read this all day.

Female Domination, it saved our marriage!

Special thanks goes out to the hard working men and women of the armed forces who are fighting for our freedom to make fun of people on the Internet, and these guys: Ranger Danger!, Dr. Bluman, Poopischord, Hanukkah Hooker, mofolotopo, Cinnabyob, HulkaMatt, Penultimate BJ, Shmorky, Ion Agenda, Brimz, Eustance Tilly, Cyberventurer, victoryismine, sokatoah, Lazy_Liberal, Bag of Glass, brb buddy, Ryundo, Rev. Bleech_, FFomega136, Robot Police and Carl Von Awesomewitz.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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