DDR Freaks

The first indication of how insane the folks over at DDR Freak are is their logo. It's a modified version of the NBA logo that implies that DDR should be taken as seriously as basketball, football, or baseball. Yeah, if these people had their way DDR would be shown on ESPN 1, 2, and 3.

WEEKEND WEB WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Dance Dance Revolution players have very small penises. Film at 11!

Well since I turn 18 tommorrow I better get out there and start fucking some four-year-olds so it won't be considered a crime.

Welcome to the board! We've got cracker snacks and lemonade on the table over there.

And the school expelled them both for fagging up the classroom. The end.

You know it's just a ploy to get your breasts to bounce right ladies?

Oh no you didn't!

The life of a DDR player is hard indeed.

Black people are really good at dancing and DDR isn't dancing.

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