You'll probably think the same thing I did when I saw The Best Fanpage in the Universe. That is, "Maddox has fans?!" Whoda thunk it?

In a discussion on which Maddox articles are the funniest.

Nice sig. You sure are the freedom fighter.

Now these are some world-class threads from some world-class posters.

All Maddox fans are closet furries. Here's the proof!

Do my homework for me. I can't quite wrap my head around concepts like "trolling".

Remember to carve out a place to ejaculate into.

Maddox is ranked 7,816 among morons who get spyware installed on their computer.

Good luck ever getting a girl.

How is your application to Yale going?

The Best Damn Furry Page in the Universe

Special thanks to pow! monsters, Magmatron, Atomic Monkey, Housemaster, Wink Minor, Slugnoid, Chrodyn, cannibalcomfort, Stanton Fraiser, Tarwater, wolf_eyes, Blar_Chube, big duck equals goose, Jordan Hass, I Like Shorts, Luigi Thirty, Mattimeus, blinkertits, VinylDood, senthos, Rick, The DPRK, Nachoes, and MyushiVerSCOOTY, who always seed well above 1.00.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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