AnimeLab is your standard anime forum where all posts are about which anime character is the hottest. I think this is a very important subject to devote a forum to. There's nothing much more to say besides, "Oh great, another anime forums on Weekend Web. Sheesh!"

"Evil_Anime_Angel" must be a fairly new anime fan. Just a kid??? Heck, some of these guys don't even stop at toddlers!

Tell your sister Hamtaro doesn't live up to the ideal anime of glorious Nippon and that she should end her life. True anime only please.

Ugh my brother is a jerk and he never lets me write Cowboy Bebop erotic fan fiction!!!

I think he's great. What is his favorite anime?

Everyone always says Shinji...

When the announcement came that certain brands of pet foods were contaminated many in the NeoPet community were concerned. Fortunately their NeoPets, much like their hope for a future, were not real.

Nobody is more bad ass than Goku. NOBODY.

Show me the one you wrote where Goku stops fighting and falls in love with Vegeta and they make love on the Starship Enterprise.

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