AIM Girl Part 2

Forty images of this shitty forum wasn't enough to even represent two percent of the stupidity on this forum last week, so here's more AIM Girl!

It sounds to me like "ShuggaBear123" is either a guy or gal posting a gimmick post as a little "prank". But trust me, the way people are on this forum, I can safely say it will happen to them someday.

I'm actually getting a headache from these posts. Ugh!

When do most girls have their first kiss? NINE?!

I don't know, but just don't use it to have a pillow fight after you ejaculate inside of it. That would be rude.

One time I told this girl I wanted to kiss her but then I peed in her mouth instead.

Because it leads to sex moron. Males enjoy sticking their dicks in warm and moist holes. And your vagina is the warmest and most moist hole they can find.

Why, Tampax has you covered with their award-winning tampon selector! No I'm not being paid to mention Tampax. I just really love their tampons.

You could always sew your vagina shut.

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