Before we start I want to give big ups to this guy "Egil Skallagrimson" for writing some wicked awesome Weekend Web fan fiction. Sure, the names were changed but overall it's pretty accurate. Except for the parts where I drink tons of Coke and don't shower for days at a time, that's untrue. Also the part about my dead wife haunting me, I don't think that's true either. Check out Egil's work if you like reading, because you've got to really fucking like reading to get through that thing.

In case you didn't read that gray intro blob, here's a whole section that should sufficiently reiterate: Fan fiction writers are fuckin' loopy.

At least one full-on orgy is pretty much guaranteed.

*wonders why nobody has told "Kanoma" to shut the hell up*

Next time I wish upon a falling star I'm going to wish anime caused cancer.

Yaoi is that gay sex fanfiction shit, isn't it? Goddamn it.

The only way this person could possibly be an "Angel of Atonement" is if some fast food place suddenly changed it's name to Atonement.

A pretty big goof they made throughout Full House's run was letting Dave Coulier anywhere near television cameras.

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