You can always count on teen forums for drama and retarded questions about whether or not they are pregnant. Scarleteen has both in spades. The forum bills itself as "sex ed for the real world" but I doubt you could ever find anyone in the real world who thinks quite like these people do.

Stop writing fan fiction. Start going to therapy. Wanting to be a girl-man or whatever is fine, but when you can't focus on your real life responsibilities something is wrong. Why the hell am I giving advice? He/she isn't going to read this.

Stop posting your feminist agenda on Internet forums and get to the office and you might make as much money as men do. More than men who obsess over Fallout at least.

As long as he was nice about it it's not rape! That's the first thing you learn in law school.

If you doctor can't help you then come back here and we can laugh at you some more.

Women who are in love with their period. Ugh. This is how you get menstrual cycle LiveJournal paintings.


Goon found.

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