Tired of international conglomerates hogging all the news gathering? Want your voice heard? Want to scream about Arabs and "those fukken sand n*gg*rs!!!" on a largely unmoderated platform? Ready to redefine the media? Then check out LiveLeak!

LiveLeak used to be Ogrish but now it's more like YouTube with gorier and blurry ass accident videos where you can't see anything and the occasional titty. LiveLeak is "redefining the media". Of course it's in beta so I guess they haven't figured out a way to code out retarded comments like these. Go web 2.0!

Much of LiveLeak's content is unfiltered and uncensored video from the Middle East. Users can then provide their insightful commentary on such happenings.

A comment from the above video. This is the kind of commentary you just can't get from CNN and FoxNews!

I didn't know Lou Dobbs posts on LiveLeak.

Damn you ain't smart. You just memorizin' dem words n' shiet... Takes no skillz.

Son... get out of my house.

Subway SUCKS says the guy from VNNForum, a forum for racist whites. He's a Quiznos kind of guy and proudly requests his turkey ranch and swiss on WHITE bread, thank-you-very-much.

lol why did i just watch that lol why do i come here lol eewwww gross!!! *clicks on some more gory vidz* hellz yeah

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