Every so often someone will get all uppity and demand to know why anyone would think they have the right to judge anyone else.

Welcome to the Internet, you guys.

Mind Control

Down-home, honest-to-goodness folks that are being controlled every moment of every day by "perps" using some form of radio waves.

"monkey100" is a failure, and it's obviously the work of mysterious shadow-people and not caused by anything he did.

"PhuqPhukme" thinks he has Immortal Spirit 1 backup, but the perps already called No Immortal Spirit 1 backups times infinity.

At first glance I thought his name was "KevinSmith" and I was going to say that this post explains Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

"fairywoman2003" forgot to pay her bills.

I just tried this tip and I heard some stuff but I think it was coming from a TV in another room.

boop beep boop

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