How do people play Second Life when they can't even manage their first life? We've been asking this question for years now. Of course, we'll never be able to answer that, but what we can do is keep on making fun of Second Life ad nauseum. Hey, it's what we do best!

He needs a real life job to supplement the 4 dollars he makes from Second Life. Nothing that happens on Second Life can be classified as a "business model" unless that business model is failure.

I once passed by a Vietnamese restaurant that said Sum Dum Phuck and I wanted to go inside and see if there were any dumb fucks from Second Life.

At least there's one currency in the world that the dollar is stronger than.

You thought you could avoid it, but here's Second Life poetry!

Walt Whitman? More like Walt Witless.

It's just a game! Next thing you know people will be holding Second Life funerals.

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