Have you heard, we're killing jews tonight! Spread the word! Killing jews! Killing jews! Who can get the high score?! No one is going to beat me. I've been practicing since the 1940s.

Too long, didn't read.

They are currently taking refuge from the cold in your large gaping anus.

I think I will give this Apologetics a try. Okay, I am sorry for inflifcting massive amounts on pain onto humanity and I promise I won't do it again.

If I were mod there would be a forum for Chuck-E-Cheese roleplaying and a Farming Report.

I remember this guy! I ended up sending him to hell because he complained about his fat stupid wife the entire time he was here.

I'm glad they aren't making any Tomb Raider games anymore. I was about to unleash a plague if I had to sit through just one more.

That should be fun. I can't wait until you're all living in trees and singing folk songs.

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