This week's article is dedicated to the often overlooked martyrs of this great game - the quitters. Armed with their $15 dollars a month, irrational anger and the inability to grasp the very simple concept that this is a computer game, these soldiers will proudly do battle with the that is Blizzard Customer Support. Whether their strategy consists of spending 3 weeks in various message boards and in-game chatrooms whining about something that is in fact a non-issue, to the ridiculously absurd retards who declare something of a Jihad upon the very livelyhood of Blizzard Employees. Every time one of these annoying assholes quit, it is one less person for us that I don't have to listen to bitch and moan, and one less idiot I don't have to deal with in game. For this, I dedicate this article to the ineffective cannonfodder and their useless sacrifice. Rest in peace, Warriors, until you decide to re-register your accounts.


Blood, sweat and tears. Mostly sweat and tears.

Wait a minute - people? In game? All claiming they are experiencing latency trouble at the same time? Unfathomable.


At least he labeled his post "Waste of Time". Thanks Big Muscles.

"Because the last three times I quit were just for practice, cuntba$ket$."

Sargeras is just Sargeras- but Mealstrom makes a meal.

Nigga you best /inspect yo'self before you /wreck yo'self.

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