Yes, because if there's something druids are known for, its their low survivability.

I somehow coped with the class changes at level 16. Now this? I'm enraged.

there is a worldwide punctuation shortage DO YOUR PART AZEROTH

If you thought dragons were tough, wait until you see the Creatures of Fantasy that are in fact my Legal Defense Team!

For the win.


wait I was just kidding guys you know i'd never do anything legally incriminating LOVE U BLIZZ

In retrospect, I am so furious that I decided to write an article that forced me to read the Official World of Warcraft Message Boards. At least I can take satisfaction that each and everyone of you suffered thru it with me. So, yeah, I guess that's all of it. Thank you, you martyrs of mediocrity - your sacrifices against The Uncaring , Incompentant Corporate Machine that is a Computer Game will be felt for patches and expansions to come. And, although the war rages on, I am certain that some day World of Warcraft will become a game in which there is nothing to complain or be upset about.

I still want the funny screenshots you've made! I'll use them! I'll use you! And now that I can use my email account again, I might actually respond back to you kiddies! So do it! Mail me!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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