The Pitbull Armory isn't your average Ye Olde Blacksmith over the internet. This website may not qualify as an "awful link", but I figured since I gave Kitty Wigs the award, I need to showcase why dogs are infinitely better than cats.

I can make you a set of steel dog armor like this for 500$

   That's right - some dude with a fucking ANVIL and HAMMER went ahead and made a set of plate mail for his goddamn pitbull, and is willing to do the same for your dog. Why on earth would you put armor on a dog? Upon a pitbull, an animal that nature granted such tenacity and resilience that it is a natural predator to anything that smells delicious?

I enjoy what I do and it shows in my work.

   The Pitbull Armory will also make armor for you, your barbarian wife, or your dead squirrel.

   I'm not joking around when I say that I want to be this guy, especially when it comes time for High School Reunions.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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