Wolf's Cyberden, submitted by Josh. Well, I'm not sure what is sadder: the fact that this place exists in the first place or the fact that it has seemingly not been updated since 1996.

Thanks for dropping by. Please feel free to Sniff around and enjoy learning a little about the rather strange Wolf that put all this together and into Cyberspace. Be warned however; that I have a rather warped sense of humor (the scary part is that it's one of my better qualities) and proceeding beyond this point is at your risk!.

Yeah, ok, sure.

There is absolutely nothing "pornographic" in of any of my pages; however, if you are offended by frank discussions of sexual interests do NOT access the "Sexual" topic page located on the "all about Wolf" subpage. Also, since my original CyberDen Homepage generated a lot of questions regarding this topic, let me state the following, and for the official record: YES I am Gay! Also, I like (and I am proud of) who I am and that includes being a former police officer, currently working for the federal government, and the fact that I just happen to be Gay.

Oh, I see. Sure.

CuddlingYUP! - A LOTYUP! - ALOT
KissingYUP! - A LOTYUP! - ALOT
Foreplay/massageYUP - A LOTYUP! A LOT
Oral SexYUP! - A LOTYUP! - A LOT
Anal SexYUP! - A LOTOnce in a blue moon... maybe
Tit PlayYUP! - Gently to hardYUP! - gently!
Leather SexYUP!YUP!
FistingNot ReallyNEVER! No Way!
Fanasy Sex ScenesAsk me!Ask Me!

Hey, great. Cool.

Well, I gotta go.

– Snakey Slithers

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