Chupacabra's Execution, submitted by Jimmy. Before I knew that this place existed, I felt as though the internet was truly missing something. I didn't truly know what that something was, however, until I found the beauty that is Chupacabra's Execution gallery. I thought that the Phoptoshoppery on was bad until I saw this terrible shit. And to top it all off, there are about 70 (YES, SEVENTY) pages of this garbage. All of these wonderful pictures were created by some loony with the clever nickname of "Toe Tag." I have no idea how this person can function in normal society.




I don't want to ruin all of the fun for you, but I don't have to worry about that because THERE ARE 70 PAGES OF THIS. The best part is that all of these images have really excellent titles to go with the splendid art. Good luck.

– Snakey Slithers

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