Tetsuko,, submitted by BioIIante. Hey kids, what could possibly top the hyper-deformed "art style" of Japanese Anime? Well maybe those horrible fucking scrawled drawings on "User Friendly," but that's about it. Tetsuko is a combination of grotesque Anime and grotesque muscular overkill, forming something so hideous that you'd thing it's some huge insect with biceps the size of Chevy Camaros.

Whenever you see a woman depicted with decent muscularity in a Japanese anime or manga story, you can usually count on one of two things: 1) she'll be an evil person, especially if she's beautiful; 2) if she's a "good" person, she'll be unattractively "butch" (short hair, "tough" attitude, etc.). And if she is the heroine and possesses super-strength (such as A-Ko from Project A-Ko), then you won't see any muscle whatsoever on her.

The exceptions I've been able to find to these tendencies are in the work of "Appleseed" and "Ghost in the Shell" creator Masamune Shirow, who does seem to genuinely enjoy drawing the occasional bicep on his women; although I'd like to sometime see him draw a more massively muscled woman, like the kind I like to draw :-)

Boy, now that's hot! If only the "artist" could add a few thousand tentacle penises flying everywhere and raping everything in sight, we'd have the ultimate work of art!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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