The IC/B2E, submitted by King Vitaman. The 3D rendering program Poser has proven a godsend to the multitude of fetishes that deal with subjects that it would either be impossible to convince a real model to pose for or it would prove fatal if she did. The cryptically named "The IC/B2E" is a body inflation (among other fetishes) site that heavily utilizes Poser to realize hilariously silly fantasies about pumping women full to bursting with air, water, and other things.

Suzy sucked on the hose, feeling her body bulging rounder and rounder. Her breasts pressed forward, tightening inside the green sweatshirt. Her butt quickly expanded, growing more spherical, the sweatpants tightening more and more.

Greedily, she continued to suckle the hose, growing larger and larger as more and more water flowed freely into her expanding body...

Nothing too crazy here for a well-worn Internet cowboy like I assume many of you are, but the wonderfully terrible illustrations and Poser work are worth a look.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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