Bugs & Balloons, submitted by DJ MC Mix Master. What bug-related article wouldn't be complete without a bug related Awful Link of the Day? Most of them, probably, but not this one! Enter the worlds of Bugs & Balloons where entertaining oddball couple Annie Hickman and Allyen Gooen attempt to turn their nightmares of a world gone wrong into children's shows. Allyen uses balloons to entertain children, while Annie uses the stuff of hell crafted into realistic and bizzare insect costumes. Then she puts the costumes on and dances her way through a crimson haze into the innocent dreams of children.

With her exquisite costumes (hand woven out of basketry materials), Annie presents a magical world of transformation. The audience touches souls with this unique dancer/sculptor as she sheds one costume for another permitting each creature-spirit to possess her both in form and movement.

Be sure to watch the videos featured on the site, as they give you a taste of what awaits a sinner through the dark doors of death.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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