Wound Wear, submitted by pre. For a society that barely takes care of our poor and sick, we sure love to coddle our animals. Hey, I admit I'm a huge animal lover and like to put my kitten "Bella" in a wicker basket and swing her around the apartment until we both throw up our Meow Mix, but you have to start asking the question, "how far would you go for your pet?" If your favorite dog Spot came down with a bad case of brain cancer, would you fork over $20,000 to give it chemo and maybe some liposuction while they're at it?That's a fucking jetpack!

I think we all know who the victim is here. These poor dogs that have to wear body suits and be made fun of by all the other dogs in the neighborhood. They will never score again, and probably wish they were put to sleep instead.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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