Official Slash Fansite, submitted by pollodiablo02. If you're anything like me, then please listen: it's not worth it. Murder won't solve anything! But if not, you're probably dying to know what Guns N' Roses superstar Slash is up to now that Guns N' Roses are dead and buried and everybody freely acknowledges Axel Rose never had any talent to begin with. The only other guy from Guns N' Roses that anybody remembers, Slash, is still alive and rocking it up with a new shitty band and an official website that looks awfully like a GeoCities site someone would design in honor of a dead pet and/or 9/11. Featuring untold volumes of Slash lore and news and more photographs of an ugly man in a top hat than a Snidely Whiplash scrapbook this site is about as thrilling as finding a dollar in your colon. In pennies.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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