Stars auf Krücken, submitted by Germany!. A magical and fascinating journey into the world of celebrities utilizing crutches to assist in bi-pedal transportation. This amazing German site also features English so that us people who don't like or know how to speak German can feed our hot, hot crutch interest. But don't think this is one of those modern, new fangled fetish sites, because it's not! It's an educational database of which stars have been photographed using crutches or suffering from a visible leg injury, and just what injuries they sustained.

Here's the warm welcome that greets you upon loading this non-monstrosity of a website:

Maybe You know this: Your favourite stars is hobbling around on crutches or wearing a cast and You're asking: What happened? We'll give the answer. But we're depending on Your help.

Let me tell you, he's not lying! Just check out this fascinating bit of info on actor Tony Curtis:

Actor Tony Curtis had to walk on crutches with a sprained ankle.

Boy howdy! Not only is this amazing knowledge base going to answer all those questions burning a hole in my bosoms, but it's also giving me the chance to do my part and help out! Stop by and enjoy the extensive gallery of hobbling celebrities or just contribute your knowledge to this great information resource! God bless you, Internet! You allow the human race to soar high above heights that would otherwise be a bad idea.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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