Cactuar's Desert Prison, submitted by Retekin. God awful Final Fantasy fanfic and art mix in a heady brew on this oddly Cactuar themed web site. Be sure to note their touching tribute to the World Trade Center attack.

Zack approached the bed, his eyes never leaving Sephiroth's magnificent torso. How long had he wanted this man? Forever, it seemed. Since he'd first seen him. To be trained by him had been a pleasure; to watch Sephiroth's glorious form swinging his sword and moving with the grace of a thousand dancers. The fact that the great fighter seemed vulnerable at this moment only heightened Zack's attraction to him. He'd always liked being in charge - especially sexually - and the vibes he was receiving from Sephiroth now told him his dream was going to be more than fulfilled. He knew Sephiroth was all work; all training. He'd never heard of the man going out with anyone. Maybe he was a virgin. Maybe the teacher was about to get a lesson.

Zack's eyes finally moved up to Sephiroth's beautiful green ones and he saw the lust coupled with the uncertainty in them. That look told Zack his suspicions were correct. Sephiroth was virgin territory.

WHAT?! Zack?! Who the...GODDAMMIT! I admit Sephiroth has some kissable lips, and I've had a fantasy or two, but I HAVE NEVER SLEPT WITH HIM! Fuuuuuuuuck.

PS - Be sure to voice my intense gratitude over their use of my name in their wonderful Guestbook!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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