Ziggys Site of Horror, submitted by Invicta{HOG}. Anniversaries can be a great time in a relationship. They can be a time to come together with that special someone and reflect on your past together, while you look ahead to a shared future. Ziggy and his site are now celebrating a two year anniversary with Something Awful as an Awful Link of the Day, and his site remains every bit as depressing and retarded as it was on the day we were first introduced. It was great fun revisiting this gem from the past and realizing how he has enriched all of our lives.

This is Me
the Reverend Zigmund Six* a.k.a.
"Spooky" Dead Wood a.k.a.
The Alien Succubus a.k.a.
The Necrodolly a.k.a.
(insert name here)

* i am an ordained minister

Don't miss out on the horribly modified Barbie dolls, or the awesome skeleton page set to Star Wars cantina music, or the many other things that have made our relationship so rich.

Also be sure to sign his Guestbook in celebration of the times we have shared with him!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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