LolerKraut (thanks chestnut santabag) - Gay Nazis and white power lovers take note, LolerKraut has the cure for what ails you: shitty anime drawings of various Nazi Party figures making out with each other. Yes, it's a Nazi slash art website. Enjoy!

This website contain: Drawings of nazis, Yaoi, Slash, "suggestive" drawings, and sometime violence.

If you may be offended by that, please click on the little "X" on the very top of the windows and go watch teletubies at tv ;3 Thx.

Merry Christmas and Heil Hitler! But, why, you may ask, draw these comics and images of gay Nazis? Thankfully there is a perfectly reasonable answer:

Because I love men in uniform.

Yeah, I think men in uniform are sexy. So what ? Some guys love lesbian girls, black girls, all you want, ME, I love men in uniform. I always love to draw em. I think those big boots and helmett are... cool. It's my way of thinking, It make a man look strong.

Yeah, I think you should shoot my chances of respectable employment in the foot by making a website full of drawings of Nazis making out. That can't come back to haunt you!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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