Islam: Tuth or Myth (thanks Jookie) - Ah, dueling religions, watching them in action is like watching two spastics try to pick up the same dime on a greased floor. In this case we have a crazy Christian site with a laundry list of stupid "facts" about how Islam is evil. I'm sure this site has a counterpart being hosted on some website in Iran or Pakistan or something.

Muslims do tend to be believers world scale conspiracies they just mistrust the media and reject all Earth history to a surprise us that the biggest conspiracy at all the biggest conspiracy of all is the information control the Muslims exercise on themselves in the myth of the perfect Koran.

Does the Koran teach reverse evolution? Even based on this loon's claims, no, it does not teach reverse evolution. It teaches miracles and Gandalf wizard shit just like every other page in the Bible.

Another key assertion of this site is that the Koran is based on paganism. Guess what the Bible is based on? Guess why we celebrate most Christian holidays on the days we celebrate them? If only the pagans had known to teach reverse evolution.

The Koran Vs. Bible stuff is just the tip of the dummy iceberg on the site.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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