How to do a front flip

by michaelcolon11

For a guy named Michael COLON, there is a disturbing lack of colon in this video and for that matter, on this page in general. For that matter, AwfulVision just isn't AwfulVision without a video of some dude filming his asshole whilst poop erupts from it.

"You call that a colon? THIS is a colon!"

-Crocodile Dundee

Welp, that about wraps it up for this week of AwfulVision. Thanks to pretty much myself for coming up with this dumb game. To recap, we went from a dumb emo bitch making a YouTube time capsule to a dude doing a front flip. Also, a dude shitting in the woods because it just wouldn't be AwfulVision without a video of a dude pooping.

Keep sending in those videos (sorry about not really using any of them this week!) and I'll use them next time! Here is an "internet" ""link"" for you to click for that exact purpose!

See you jerks next time!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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