"If you wear your panties on your head and they're so fucking big it resembles those berets stereotypical French artists wear, you might be a huge fat bitch".
-Jeff Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy Book

A "request" for her to lick shit off her bent-ass glasses. Here's a request: shoot yourself and I don't mean with a camera for once.

If the government was serious about the war on drugs, they'd buy advertising at the Superbowl and run this video and no one would ever smoke weed again.

Sure she gained some weight, but atleast Britney Spears isn't at risk for Type 2 Diabetes and congestive heart failure you insufferable shit. Oh, also, you're a psychology major. I eagerly await your blog update on how all of your videos are just some wanky pseudo-intellectual "test" to see how people react to morbidly obese girls with horrible opinions. Dance, puppets.

Hi Stwongbad. I'm in mah kitcheeeen. Awwwwwight.

Like most Libertarian Aspergers sufferers on the internet, msjackie69 actively celebrates the death of people who are more famous and successful than herself. To people like this, death is a great thing and not tragic or sad at all because the famous, rich, successful person that just died is clearly an asshat fuckstick cumbucket who didn't deserve what they had and therefor deserved to die (unlike the Libertarian Aspergers sufferer in question who clearly deserves to be worshipped for his/her 180 point self-calculated IQ).

Ironic, offensive-to-be-offensive shit only works for Sarah Silverman and that's only because people want to fuck Sarah Silverman. If she said she had a disgusting moldy pussy, we'd all laugh because haha she probably really doesn't but hoo boy that sure was offensive to my right-leaning sensibilities! When you say it, however, it's more akin to someone vlogging about the sky being blue only with more vomitting until my chest hurts on my part.
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