Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

Submitted by Paul Rice

As a proud Christian, I want the government to stay OUT of people's lives (unless they're gay, poor, sick a woman, a minority, a Democrat, a muslim, a jew or don't think multi-billion dollar corporations should pay no taxes).

Actually, just ignore that. I'm only posting this video so I can post this w00t-ass comment:

And the Gold Medal in Mental Gymnastics goes to...

"Praise God, help me Lord be a voice of righteous and have your wisdom. Yes, Jesus paid taxes but we are not Rome by God's design. God raised up America for such a time as this. America's form of Government is like no other nation. We are the closest thing to the perfect rule of man that God has laid out in His Word in the new Testament. We as Christians are to rule ourselves by our own free will through God within and His Holy Word. This nation was raised up by God to prove that man could rule himself under the power and authority of Christ. When man does he prospers as a nation or as an individual. The ruin of America will be because we America are no longer one nation under God. We are going our own way not seeking God or His Wisdom. We now have laws protecting animals such as the bald eagle where we are fined thousands for the destroying it's eggs or it's young. Yet we protect not our own from abortion. A fetus is a baby Jeremiah says God knew you in your mother's womb. John the Baptist knew Jesus in his mother's womb leaped for joy at Jesus in Mary' womb. The tax system of the Roman Empire some historian say was it's down fall. When they started to tax it's own people more than 50% of their income it started to crumble from within. So is America in danger. We the people of the USA have a voice and a choice unlike Rome. In America God gave us a Government to be a servant of the people not the other way around. We have freedom of speech and we better use it. Thank you Tim for the Video sing on. Watch Glenn Beck he is a Christian and he is one of the few in the media speaking the truth. But don't take his word for it. Question everything do your home work check things out and above all pray."

-Janice Cook

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