im getting really sick of the breaking dawn haters!!!

Submitted by Alexandre B.

That hum you hear isn't from her shitty mic, it's from matter falling into her event horizon.

Critics Corner

"Why is this baboon talking out of itsÿ asshole? "


"MANÿ THE HARPOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!" (she hates it when people post this so make sure you guys dont post this ok)


"OMG! it's a book... so wat if ppl don't like it...? I didn't like it... coz actually if yooh read it enough times yooh mite actually see tht its pretty crap... There is no story line... It just sounds like a copy of some other story...
Oh nd btw, vampires don't exist... neither does Renesmee, soÿ grow up, nd go read anuva book, a much better book, nd Stephanie Meyer is not a genius, so wat she wrote a few books, her new one, The Host is crap as well, its like Twilight, but with aliens, boring!"


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    Yes, it's the perfect form for surviving a car crash. But it's also the perfect form for so much more, like surviving the trauma of reading any news headline in 2016.

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